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The Importance of Using Natural  Body Wellness Products

Natural Beauty

     Conventional products made with chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers can harm your overall skin health and the environment. Even the one time use of these products can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Unnecessary fillers, parabens, or irritants may promote longer shelf life but what does this mean for the overall health of your skin?

     When we use conventional products on our skin over an extended period, they begin to lose that certain je ne sais quoi they once had when you first began using them. The harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner, smoother, and even softer may cause long term damage to your skin and the environment when used consistently. As consumers move more towards the “natural movement” it is only innate to begin to question the products we use on our bodies and the impact it has on our environment.  


     By using Shuga & Shea products, your skin will not only reap the benefits of natural nourishment, but you will also be provided with the guilt-free notion that you are not harming the environment. We only use ingredients that aid in the fight against the environment’s free radicals and provide you with the highest quality of nourishment and moisture in a natural way. We believe in keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant. By using natural ingredients, preservatives, and 100% essential and plant-based oils; we are doing our part in bridging the gap between opulence and excellence. 

     Psst…want to know the best part of it all??? You end up saving money in the long run!! By using our products, you are investing in quality ingredients that will last longer over time thus saving you money. Most chemical-based products require layer after layer applications that still leave your skin feeling dehydrated thus causing you to apply more and buy more!! Shuga & Shea believes in developing products that work with your skin instead of against it!!


     But we don’t stop there…. Healthy skin is one of the biggest indicators that tell us whether we are healthy on the inside. We believe that our products coupled with a well-balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin C and beta-carotene can provide you with a sustainable lifestyle. The founders of Shuga & Shea encourage you to treat your skin from the inside out. Want to learn more….visit us on our Pinterest page and follow our boards for more recommended tips and tricks we think will keep you healthy (inside and out) for years to come.