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Our Methodology

Natural Ingredients
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Our commitment to treating ourselves, our skin, and the planet with kindness inspire everything we create at Shuga & Shea. The products we offer are free of harmful chemicals, such as parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, and provide you with the satisfaction of knowing you are not harming the environment. Since our bath and body collections are made entirely from natural ingredients, preservatives, and 100% essential and plant ingredients, they are safe and easier for the skin to absorb.


Challenge: Read the ingredients of a few of your favorite bath and body products. Now, google the names that don't automatically make sense to you. Are you surprised by what you find? Animal testing laboratories generate large amounts of waste that may harm your skin and the environment. 

At Shuga & Shea, we are doing our part in bridging the gap between opulence and excellence. 

By switching to cruelty-free and vegan products, you will benefit both your skin and the environment. The pink bunny on our labels lets our customers know we are proud of our kind production processes and take pride in doing things right.

Why are our products considered vegan?
🛑 We do not use nor order materials that have animal-derived ingredients.

Why are our products considered cruelty-free?
🛑 We do not test our products on animals during any part of the production.
🛑 We do not have third parties test our products on our behalf on animals.
🛑 We do not order materials from any third-party vendor who tests on animals.
🛑 We do not sell our products in countries that require animal testing.
🛑 We are not owned by a parent company that tests on animals.

Hey Shuga!

Now is the time to feel confident that your purchases, regardless of their value, will benefit the greater good and allow you to live a sustainable lifestyle - body, mind, and spirit! 

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