Our Methodology

Natural Ingredients

Shuga & Shea prides itself on using only the finest ingredients that nature provides. By using Shuga & Shea products, your skin will not only reap the benefits of natural nourishment, but you will also be provided with the guilt-free notion that you are not harming the environment. We only use ingredients that aid in the fight against the environment’s free radicals and provide you with the highest quality of nourishment and moisture in a natural way. We believe in keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant. By using natural ingredients, preservatives, and 100% essential and plant-based oils;  we are doing our part in bridging the gap between opulence and excellence. 


We believe that our products coupled with a well-balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids, Magnesium,

Vitamin C and Beta-carotene can provide you with a sustainable lifestyle - body, mind, and soul!!